Professional Profile

Project Manager and communications practitioner with over thirty years experience, and a track record in international development including:

Strategic Planning and Change Management 

As the Director of an NGO working in the field of international development I have designed, communicated and led strategic planning and change processes for the organisation over three phases of its evolution from a small, hands-off UK based grant making Trust to deliver a hands-on, 4m Euro multi- disciplinary poverty reduction field programme across eight regions of southern Madagascar with seven offices and 63 staff. I delivered a final phase of responsible exit from Madagascar, handing over to the local team, supporting and mentoring their successful transition to a self sufficient, sovereign Malagasy NGO implementing UN and EU projects. See

 Project Management from Needs Assessment to Impact Evaluation

Extensive and varied experience of designing and implementing projects through the full project management cycle, from needs assessment to evaluation. For example, I designed, and delivered a rural communications project to produce and broadcast non-formal education via radio to over 800,000 listeners on a weekly basis across eight regions of southern Madagascar, including capacity building of teams and stakeholders, affiliation and strengthening of 40 FM radio stations, networking with 60 NGO partners and government service providers, as well with UN agencies and the Ministry of Communications.

The project evolved in three phases over ten years and I worked with local teams, partners and volunteers to scope and deliver a sustainable exit, including the launch of five Regional production Units and business plans for income generating activity to support continued production and broadcast in the longer term. I identified and managed consultants and sub contractors, secured repeat EU and UN funding, and delivered on time and to budget, demonstrating positive impacts of the project on MDGs (DFID evaluation).

Leadership, creative thinking and Problem solving

Demonstrated ability to lead teams, and creatively solve problems, especially within complex environments. For example, worked closely with a local in-country NGO in scaling up and adapting a citizen engagement project for the EU Delegations’ National Elections Campaign, 2013, across 11 linguistic zones of Madagascar. Working closely with local teams, explored weaknesses and gaps in project design and delivery; provided and negotiated solutions with local agents, the national election body representatives (CENIT) and key players and consortium partners (SFCG/EU/UN) to resolve specific blockages and advance key activities. The project enabled citizens to be more fully enfranchised in the island’s first democratic elections following a four and a half year political crisis.

For example: directing and developing a UK Charity working overseas in a fragile setting for more than ten years, growing and managing its team across multiple projects, managing risks and ensuring the health of the organisation and its staff in alignment with European standards of health, safety and financial probity.

Stakeholder Engagement, C4D, and Inclusive Voice

Both as an NGO Director and as a Communications Consultant I am well practiced in stakeholder engagement and committed to inclusive voice in strategic planning and policy-making processes. As a C4D practitioner I bring a variety of tools to support engagement from Social Behaviour Change Communications (SBCC) and participatory approaches to the use of media, and conflict resolution processes (e.g. Non Violent Communications). Examples: Using oral testimony, engage non-literate, disenfranchised mine- affected communities in S E Madagascar to share their perspectives to national and international audiences (ALT UK). Using video to promote voices of learning disabled users of the organisation in MENCAP.  Developing tools and process to engage Somali Media diaspora (UK) on the new media law in Mogadishu (Integrity) . Working with regional health organisations to roll out a national anti-smoking comedy tour for young people (HEA, UK).

Research, Analysis, Writing and Communication skills

Successful track record of writing international grant proposals and donor reports, including for EU and UN agencies, USAID, Big Lottery. Also: undertaking and communicating front line and end line research, project assessments, SWOT analysis and programme scoping; producing Trustee briefings and other internal and external organisational communications e.g. progress reports, annual reports, videos, events, exhibitions, presentations, marketing materials, workshops, web content. Examples: Assessed and made recommendations to the CARE SAF PAC Programme, Chad, to support the delivery of family planning services to women in an emergency setting (iMedia). Scoped the international media landscape on livelihoods for BBC Media Action. Evaluating and reporting impacts of good governance programme using media and mobile telephony in southern Madagascar for local NGO, Andry Lalana Tohana and dissemination of results through international networks.

Advocacy and Campaigns

Throughout much of my fieldwork, actively promoting and advocating for social and environmental justice and working with community and international activists to represent the needs and aspirations of local people challenged by rapid and unequal development in fragile settings. For example, contesting social engagement practices of a multinational mining corporation operating in Madagascar  and lobbying for a review and improvement of policy and approach to communications and compensation. Assisting communities, human rights activist and lawyers to contest and take action over poor compensation for mining affected communities in southern Madagascar; raising awareness of the rights of local populations and holding the mining corporation to account for environmental (water contamination) and human rights violations. Actively involved in research and advocacy around community rights and mining governance in relation to the the EU critical raw materials strategy and the energy transition.

Presentations and talks

Visiting Speaker: University of Bath, and Surrey University Centre for Environmental Sustainability. Presenting to graduates the importance of inclusion and citizens’ voice in development, exploring issues of power relations, sustainability, social and environmental justice.